Invitation to SIOE demonstration in Denmark

SIOE - Stop Islamisation of Europe

krusaa_demo101015_graensen Picture from Close the border demonstration

Stop Islamisation of Denmark demonstrated together with other groups on the Danish/German borders 4 times in the autumn/winter for closing the border for muslim migrants.

2 times we managed to literally close the border symbolic in 5-10 minutes to send a signal to our useless politicians. See video here from Closing the Danish/German border:

The 3 last times we have been at the border we have had no media coverage from MSM. A member of the lying press has told Anders Gravers that they do it by purpose because they know a lot of people will support our wish to get the borders closed for muslim migrants.

Last time we made the demonstration at the Padborg border there were suddenly a lot of Danish Police who together with German autonomous and German grandmothers for peace (from Flensburg) stopped us from closing the border. That’s why SIOE…

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